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  • Micro Brushless DC Water Pump 
    Micro Brushless DC Water Pump 
  • Miniature fountain pump DS3001
    Miniature fountain pump DS3001
  • Household appliances for small
    Household appliances for small
  • Three-phase speed regulating w
    Three-phase speed regulating w
  • Computer water-cooled micro-pu
    Computer water-cooled micro-pu
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    Strong technology

    We are a research and development, design, production and sales in one of the emerging high-tech private enterprises. The introduction of advanced foreign technology, professional alternative to imported products. Succeeded for the water supply projects supporting units to provide pump series of products and services, more than 90% repeat purchase rate of customers, won the customer's trust and praise.


    Check the equipment fine

    The company has skilled workers in the pump industry, but also with modern production technology, with accumulated experience and sought after innovative ideas, we provide the market with high-quality and high-tech products. The company also has a complete quality control system, has passed ISO9000 quality system certification.


    Advanced production equipment

    A professional R & D team, rich experience in research and development, the use of modern management models, advanced production equipment, focused on the development of new products targeted at the market, research and development, design, production and comprehensive solutions supporting services.


    Professional service team

    To high-quality products, fast delivery, excellent after-sales service, and constantly in-depth understanding of customer and industry needs, improve the updated products to meet and return needs of new and old customers.


    • Micro-pump used in juice machi

      Micro-pump used in juice machi

    • Micro-pump used in foot bath

      Micro-pump used in foot bath

    • Miniature fountain pump

      Miniature fountain pump

    • Micro pumps can be used on the

      Micro pumps can be used on the

    • Miniature water pump for fish 

      Miniature water pump for fish 

    • Computer water cooled pump

      Computer water cooled pump

    • Kitchen and bathroom applicati

      Kitchen and bathroom applicati

    • Bathroom products

      Bathroom products

    • Solar water cycle

      Solar water cycle

    • New energy vehicle cooling cyc

      New energy vehicle cooling cyc

    • Car heater air conditioning cy

      Car heater air conditioning cy

    • Miniature pump for automatic t

      Miniature pump for automatic t

    • Miniature pump for foot bath

      Miniature pump for foot bath

    • Miniature pump for bonsai foun

      Miniature pump for bonsai foun

    • Micro-pump can be used for fis

      Micro-pump can be used for fis


      Dongguan DESUN Electronic Technology Co., Ltd Founded in December 2013, the company is located in the Industrial Park, Dongcheng District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, is a research and development, design, production and sales in one of the emerging high-tech private enterprises. The company's products mainly include brushless DC (household appliances water cycle pump, solar pump, electronic car pump, music fountain pump, aquarium pump) and miniature self-priming pump and other liquid pump. Products are widely used in industrial, agricultural, chemical, transportation, IT, construction and home appliances and many other fields.
      The company has a complete quality control system, has passed ISO9000 and other international quality system certification. The use of modern management models, advanced production equipment and excellent design research and development staff, and constantly in-depth understanding of the needs of customers and industries, improve the updated products, Germany's son of electronic technology has become the industry leader.

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    The centrifugal pump works by using the centrifugal force of the impeller to rotate the water. Before the centrifugal pu


    Features and precautions of miniature DC brushle


    1, environmental protection and energy saving, can meet food-grade requirements (food grade FDA)


    DC frequency conversion wave pump


    1) The product has three modes: constant current speed regulation mode, wave shaping mode, feeding mode, DC40Q maximum w


    Talking about Brushless DC Water Pump-Dongguan D


    With the development of various industries and the advancement of science and technology, there are quite a few customer

    The advantages of three-phase DC variable frequency wave pum

    First, what is the three-phase DC inverter pump, and the difference between ordinary DC pump

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